About Me

Welcome to guorkhan.blogspot.com. My name is İ. Gürkan BOZKURT. I was born in Adana, Turkey, 1979. I am married. My wife is a pedegouge. She helps me in preparing worksheets for young learners. I studied English Language and Literature at Çanakkale University. I have been an English teacher since 2001. I have studied with 5 to 19 years old students and also with adults. Now I am working in a state school. As the years passed by I've prepared many teaching materials to use in my lectures and I'm still preparing and adding here. As you know the more we reach the students' different type of learning styles the more we become succesful. For that reason, I prepared slides, worksheets, videos and flashes to catch their attention. And by using these materials in due time and place, something has begun to change. Students remember what they have learned much easier with these materials. As soon as I get into my classes, the students ask for new slides.The aim in preparing this blog is to share my works with those who regard them practicable and beneficial in their lectures. My other goal is to have feedback from you. If you use these materials in your classes please let me know about your experiences, the ins and outs you have during the lecture. To do this you can write your comments below each work on the blog page. If there is something you want to ask privatley then you can write to "guorkhan@yahoo.com". Meanwhile, all these works belong to me. You cannot find them on another site or on cd or whatever. And their copyrights belong to me. It is forbidden to use them without my permission.