3rd Grade 8th Unit / Transportation

This game is very effective as a classroom activity. Students can play it as 2 players. About the game: There are 99 small boxes hiding a picture of a vehicle. If you click on a box, it disappears and a small part of the vehicle can be seen. The first player says a number and clicks on it. If s/he can guess which vehicle it is , s/he is free to say and click on the choice s/he desires. If he knows, he wins the game. But if not, he loses. He is also free to say "pass" if he has no idea about which vehicle it is. After the "pass", the second player does the same thing. The game goes on like this until one player knows the right vehicle at his first guess. When one player wins, there comes another two players. I used different styles in my classes but this is the most popular one that my students like. If you find a better one or another way of using it, please share it with us in comment part.Have fun!