Sunday, 28 April 2013

Superhero / Especially for 5th and 6th grades

Click one by one and do the true/false section.
The purpose of this work is to show the students how we can desribe a person with his/her abilities, likes/dislikes, have got/haven't got, can/can't, is/isn't, routines in a day... etc. To do this I created a hero and showed him in different sceenes to descibe who He is, one by one. At the end of the slide you can see a true/false section, a post activity for what we watched. So, tell this to your students before you show this slide. After it's done, want your students to create their own superhero just like the Hugeman. However, you may also want them to choose a superhero that we have already known (superman, batman...etc.) and to write about him. In one of my classes (5th grade) I couldn't do this activity because of the limited time and wanted them to do it as a homework. I wanted them to imagine that they are a superhero/superheroin. And if they can, they will be able to bring a superhero costume to school and wear it before the class and tell us what kind of a superhero/superheroin s/he is. The next week, almost all the students brought costumes with them. Some brought superhero cloaks, some brought masks... When I got in the classroom there were nearly 20 superheroes. I was really surprised. Anyway, they came to the board one by one and told to the class about themselves by miming and doing effects. Among them there were also bad characters such as Joker. It was really fun. İ. Gürkan BOZKURT.

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