Friday, 5 April 2013

Prepositions Game / Hide and Go Seek Game

Read, look and "CLICK" on the correct "PREPOSITION".
It was the very early years of my first teaching experiences... 6th grade students and the topic is "preposition". I drew straw men on the board and a box next to him and I wrote "next to"... Then I noticed that the kids are reluctant to draw pictures of a straw man. Then, the next lesson. I improved my drawing and illustrated a straw man next to a tree and counting with his hand on his eyes(playing hide and seek). Then, I drew lots of things on the board where people may go and hide. I drew a boy hiding in a tree and wrote Ali who is the name of a student in the classroom. Suddenly all the students said:"Teacher, please use my name, too." I said the class if you tell me where you are hiding in the picture then I can draw you there and write your name. That day I had to draw 25 straw men on the board, that means everybody in the classroom. This experience gave me the idea of preaparing such a slide. Today I use this as a warm up. And if I have enough time, I start drawing... . Gürkan BOZKURT

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