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Wednesday, 7 August 2013


Click one by one to watch. The final slide is the answer sheet.
I use this work as a post activity after presenting the grammar point. Here the students realise the main difference between when and while/as. I tried to make as many as different sentences to prevent the structure based sentences. With this students must read and understand the meaning of why and how the grammart points are used. After I use the flash, I ask the students to make their own sentences about what were doing when the accident happened. Believe me they really like this activity and try to make as many sentences as they want. Also I give another example; "When I arrived at home my mother/father... was doing....." or "When I entered the class, one of my friend was doing...."

Thursday, 21 March 2013


The grammar point is supported by real scene and sound effects... With this, my students can easily get the idea and usage of the past continuous tense. Especially this tense is hard to visualise in mind. And students may have difficulties to understand the usage of this tense. First, I contributed this on and I had great comments on it. This really made me happy and I wanted to turn the slide into a vide. If you want to see my other printable works, you can visit; "" İ. Gürkan BOZKURT